International Computer Solutions (ICS) 1990-1993

After gradutating from Georgia Southern College, my first role was as a Unix System administrator and applicaiton support engineer for a spin off of Moore Business Systems in Atlanta Georgia, named ICS. Within a year I had been promoted into a management role, managing the custmer facing support funtion, and the electronic insurance claims capabilities (a newly created function at the time. ICS provided turn key computer solutions for healthcare professionals of 50 doctors or less across the United States. The experience at ICS was a spring board for my career, as the company was basically a start up, beginning at 25 employees, growing to 45 during my three year tenure. Many key takaways from my time with Rick Fine, Jim Price, and others. I used the opportunity to gain deep technical knowledge across networking, Unix, physical computer builds, software coding methods, and my emotional intelligence through managing a team of 12, learning how to interact with senior level customers (doctors), as well as executive leadership. An amazing opportunity, and solid foundation gained.


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