International Computer Solutions (ICS) 1990-1993

After graduating from Georgia Southern College, my first role was as a Unix System administrator and application support engineer for a spin-off of Moore Business Systems in Atlanta Georgia, named ICS. Within a year I had been promoted into a management role, managing the customer-facing support function, and the electronic insurance claims capabilities (a newly created function at the time. ICS provided turn-key computer solutions for healthcare professionals of 50 doctors or less across the United States. The experience at ICS was a springboard for my career, as the company was basically a start-up, beginning at 25 employees, growing to 45 during my three-year tenure. Many key takeaways from my time with Rick Fine, Jim Price, and others. I used the opportunity to gain deep technical knowledge across networking, Unix, physical computer builds, software coding methods, and my emotional intelligence through managing a team of 12, learning how to interact with senior-level customers (doctors), as well as executive leadership. An amazing opportunity and solid foundation gained.

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